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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bangkok voted world's best city in travel poll

Reporting by Miral Fahmy, editing by Belinda Goldsmith

SINGAPORE, July 10 (Reuters Life!) - Bangkok was voted the world's best city for 2008 and the Galapagos were picked as the best islands in an online poll by Travel + Leisure magazine, trumping last year's winners Florence, Italy and Bali, Indonesia.

Magazine readers also voted Singita Sabi Sand, at the Kruger National Park, South Africa, as the world's top hotel while Singapore Airlines grabbed the best airline award again.

It was the first time that Bangkok, the vibrant capital of Thailand, and the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador topped their respective categories, said Nancy Novogrod, editor-in-chief of Travel + Leisure.

Last year, Bangkok was ranked number 3 and the Galapagos number 8. The 2007 winners of best city and best island -- Florence an Bali -- fell to number 5 and number 2 respectively.

"We're delighted to welcome so many new winners this year," she said in a statement. "Nature, and adventure, were clearly a draw in the selections.

"Last year's number one hotel, the Oberoi Udaivilas in India, fell to number 4 this year. Singita Sabi Sands was voted the number two hotel in 2007.

The results were complied from votes by magazine subscribers in an Internet poll which went live between January and March. Travel + Leisure will honour winners on July 24 in New York City.

The complete "World's Best Awards" is available on www.travelandleisure.com. Following are some highlights:
Best city - Bangkok, Thailand
Best hotel - Singita Sabi Sand, South Africa
Best island - Galapagos, Ecuador
Best cruise line (large ships) - Crystal Cruises
Best cruise line (small ships) - Silversea Cruises
Best international airline - Singapore Airlines
Best domestic airline - Virgin America
Best tour operator - Micato Safaris
Best car-rental agency - Hertz
Best hotel for $250 or less - Domaine des Hauts de Loire, France

Source : http://africa.reuters.com/wire/news/usnSP175234.html

Monday, October 20, 2008

Air Flight Tips: 10 Really Great Websites For Travelers

Air Flight Tips: 10 Really Great Websites For Travelers

By Jawahn Thompson

And here they are in no particular order. If you've got a flight coming up soon, and a little extra time to spend preparing for your flight, you might want to try checking out a few of... Enlarge ImageIf you've got a flight coming up soon, and a little extra time to spend preparing for your flight, you might want to try checking out a few of these sites that offer information and tips on air travel.
1. SeatGuru.com – Started by a frequent traveler in 2001, SeatGuru is a repository of information on the difference between airline seats. The site offers detailed seat maps, specific comments and observations about the seats, color coding to differentiate between the quality in seats, information on seat pitch and width measurements in all classes, and icons that inform on in-flight services.
2. 1000tipsfortrips.com – Those who travel frequently know the ins and outs of air travel. 1000 tips offers advice from people just like you who travel and have learned from their mistakes and successes on their trips.
3. ASPCA.org – What could the ASPCA possibly have to tell you about air travel? Many pet owners often have to take their pets on airplanes, and their site offers top ten tips for safe air travel with your pet.
4. BudgetTravelonline.com – The magazine Budget Travel has a website that is filled with the same timely and budget conscious advice that the print magazine is filled with. For air travelers, there are the basic travel tips about packing, advice on frequent flyer miles programs, tips for traveling with children or for sending children alone on an airplane, and advice that falls in between all of these topics.
BudgetTravelonline also has up to the minute travel deals that have been handpicked by Budget Travel's editors. There is also a free newsletter that you can subscribe to that will keep you informed on timely deals and tips.
5. Flyingwithkids.com – What's the best FAA approved seat that converts automatically into a stroller? What advice do flight attendants have for parents who bring children on board? Where can I get a pre-made carry-on packing list for my kids? All of these questions and many more are answered at Flyingwithkids.
This site, which bills itself as a place for "air travel tips for families flying with an infant or small child" has product reviews, advice, packing lists, and travel stories for those who find themselves sitting next to a small one on board. There is even a place for visitors to the site to ask questions that they don't see already answered on the page.
6. Seniors-site.com – There are special considerations for senior citizens when they are traveling on an airplane, and this site explains what they may be. Tips on getting discounted airfare, combating fear of flying, and dealing with delays, overbooking and involuntary bumping can be found here.
7. USA Today's Today in the Sky blog – USA Today offers a column in the form of a blog that gives news and analysis about airlines, airports, and air travel. Ben Mutzabaugh posts news related to air travel several times a day on his blog that ranges from what laws the government is passing for airlines to which airports are cutting flights to which airline is beginning to charge for a previously free amenity. If it's timely air travel or airline news, Today in the Sky is covering it.
Since the column is a blog, readers can post comments and questions about the articles. The blog is also categorized so readers who interested in seeing the pieces just on one topic, such as baggage, can find all related entries easily.
8. Worldairportguide.com – Worldairportguide has taken the information from most of the major international airports in the world and put it all in one convenient site for travelers to find. The site gives basic information such as airports' addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses.
9. Smartertravel.com – Want to know which airlines offer the best ammenties? What's the best day of the week to book air travel? What are today's top air travel news items?
10. TSA.gov – Six years ago, most airline travelers would have never thought to visit the Transportation Security Authority's website for information before traveling. However, since 9/11, security has been increased for all forms of travel and especially for air travel.
This article on air flight has been brought to you by daily travel air.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ireland - Where Culture and Arts Units

Ireland - Where Culture and Arts Unite
By monica lorica

Ireland is naturally steep in abundant history that comprises its culture and arts. This country continues to glow even after years of existence. The culture of Ireland can be well appreciated through a taste of genuine Irish music, art, and literature. These forms of expression vividly convey the heritage story of Ireland which began long before we were born. Ireland has produced brilliant literature minds like James Joyce and Jonathan Swift of Dublin, Oscar Wilde of Wicklow, and WB Yeats of Sligo. These writers have brought fame and glory to Irish literature along with some more notable writers of their time. Indulge in a tour and feel of their masterpieces in Ireland’s literature centers. Literature inclined tourists will definitely love to take part in festivals commemorating and recognizing these geniuses who were once an ordinary Irish themselves. And much more, tourists can well experience these writers’ presence in a number of pubs dotted all around Ireland. Most probably, you will like the idea of relating these writers’ stories over a pint of Guinness. Literature goes hand in hand with music. Ireland is well acclaimed worldwide for its remarkable Irish music. This country has an amazing culture of singing away life’s little inconveniences. Music is the heart and soul of an Irish social life. It can be heard and enjoyed literally everywhere, from open fields to pubs and from large lively cities to small quaint villages. And who would not know the U2, or the Corrs, Westlife and Enya? These music artists are proud products of Ireland. This country has nurtured much more singers and bands worth enjoying as you make your way to Ireland. Traditional Irish music sessions everywhere in this country make up a rich and colorful music culture. Aside from literature and music, Ireland is also a home to vibrant theatrical presentations depicting this country’s rich culture and tradition. The Barabbas Theatre Company in Dublin, Yeats Theatre Company in Sligo, Siamsa Tire Theatre National Folk Theatre of Ireland in Kerry, the Playhouse in Derry, Lyric Theatre in Antrim, An Grianan Theatre in Donegal and Town Hall Theatre in Galway are just some of the numerous theatre houses in the entire Ireland. Tourists who take delight in theatrical shows will most definitely make Ireland a top priority on their lists of must-travel countries. It is amazing how Ireland has merged culture with an excellent art expression. Explore Ireland and its rich heritage of culture and arts.

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