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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Northern Lebanon Extensive Historical and Cultural Attractions

Northern Lebanon Extensive Historical and Cultural Attractions

By: Douglas Scott
Northern Lebanon uniquely blends the outdoors with extensive historical and cultural attractions.
With the countries highest mountain, Qornet Es Saouda 3,090m, as well as the highest ski resort, The Cedars. This region offers a rocky, rugged terrain that makes Lebanon unique in the Middle East.
At the far northern end of the Mt Lebanon range, the Aakkar region is the most remote area of the country, housing traditional villages and beautiful scenery. Throughout northern Lebanon, mountain climbing, skiing, hiking, caving, and other outdoor opportunities abound.
In the heart of northern Lebanon are some of the countries most unique and sacred religious sites, making the region a spiritual as well as natural haven. The Holy Qadisha Valley has been a place of refuge for those fleeing religious persecution since the 5th century. As the seat of the Maronite Church, the Valley houses some of the most important early Christian monastic settlements in the world. The Qadishas ancient, rock cut monasteries are a destination for those seeking pilgrimage and retreat.
Tripoli, now Lebanons second largest city, faced its share of drama through the ages. Inhabited since the 14th century B.C., it was ruled sequentially by the Persians, Alexander the Greats successors, the Romans, Mamluke Muslims, and Turkish Ottomans. As a result, the city is filled with history, including mosques, Turkish baths, a crusader castle, and restored traditional marketplaces.
What to see and do may include some of the following.
Lebanons second largest city, Tripoli and search for unique traditional crafts in its labyrinthine traditional marketplaces.
Visit the birthplace and tomb of Lebanons revered mystic poet and artist, Khalil Gibran, in the picturesque town of Bcharre and walk through this traditional, red roofed, mountain village overlooking the Qadisha Valley. Hike along a rippling river through the lush, cool Qadisha Valley to visit the ancient rock cut monasteries clinging precipitously to the steep, rocky cliffs.
Marvel at the size and majesty of Lebanons 1,000 year old Cedar trees at Arz Ar-Rab near Bcharre or the Tannourine Cedars Forest Nature Reserve.
Climb Lebanons tallest mountain, Qornet Es Saouda 3,090m and take to the slopes at the countries highest ski resort, The Cedars.
Grab a boat to Palm Islands Nature Reserve to watch birds, some 300 species during migratory seasons, endangered sea turtles, and other wildlife.
Go caving or rappel deep into a rocky sinkhole in the mountains near Tannourine.
Explore the dense forests and spectacular scenery and wildlife in the remote Aakkar region on a multi day hike.
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Amazing Places With A Last Minute Travel Deal

Amazing Places With A Last Minute Travel Deal
By: Theresa Cahill and Jeff G

If you are spontaneous and have a few days off from work, you can spend those days in an exotic locale, a big city, or anywhere in between by booking a last minute travel deal. You see, sometimes the need to just get away strikes at the last possible moment, and you may feel you are relegated to your hometown, or even your couch, for those days off. However, there are often times deals to be had if you book flights, hotels, and mini-vacation packages just days before departure.
One of the greatest places to look for a last minute travel deal is on the Internet. The travel web sites already offer great low prices, but they also feature some amazing trips that are only available days before departure. To find one of these, just check out some of the more popular travel sites; there, you will find links to the featured trips. You can save quite a bit of money when you grab these hot deals as opposed to booking your trip a couple of weeks in advance.
If you are open to trying new places, and the thought of just getting away to anywhere appeals to you, then definitely check for a last minute travel deal. By buying a package, you can save a load of money over booking all parts of a quick getaway separately.
Now, some airline web sites have jumped on the bandwagon and also offer last minute packages to those who are willing to go at a moment's notice. They can do this because if flights are not booked to capacity, the airlines lose money on each flight. Consequently, they will often lower the fares to certain destinations at the last possible moment. To ensure that you are hooked by the low fare, thy may even have the package deal of a hotel and flight.
So maybe you are thinking that checking out different web sites is too much, and wonder if there is a better way to find out if a last minute travel deal is available. Well, you are in luck, because many airlines and travel sites offer you the chance to sign up for email alerts when deals are offered; on some sites, you can even enter preferred destinations, so if a deal becomes available, you will be notified immediately.
So grab the mouse and click away: check out the Internet for great last minute travel deals. Don't spend those days off wishing you were somewhere else... get online and make it happen, and enjoy the extra savings, too!
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Japanese Festivals are Colourful Celebrations

Japanese Festivals are Colourful Celebrations
By: Douglas Scott

There is always something happening in Japan and whatever your interest there is an event for you to enjoy.
You can thrill to the spectacle of a Sumo tournament, experience the breathtaking colour of a fireworks festival or marvel at the ornate costumes and settings of Kabuki drama. Including an event in your travel plans offers a unique opportunity to take part in the Japanese culture and meet some of the locals, and is a wonderful way to make your trip to Japan even more memorable. Japanese Festivals are colourful celebrations that reflect the countries ancient religious beliefs and mark the passing of the seasons. They are an important part of life in Japan and can be enjoyed in cities and towns throughout the country. Whatever time of year you decide to visit, there is sure to be a festival taking place somewhere in Japan, from elaborate displays of snow and ice sculpture at the Sapporo Snow Festival to lively summer events like the Nebuta Matsuri in Aomori with its parade of giant illuminated figures.
Japan offers visitors a wealth of entertainment opportunities, both modern and traditional. Contemporary diversions include clubs, discos, live music venues and bars, as well as international performance arts such as opera, ballet, drama and musicals.
For culture lovers who want to sample some of the fascinating Japan boasts a rich sporting history and has plenty to offer both spectators and participants alike.
Martial arts such as Sumo, Karate and Kendo have been popular for centuries and these traditional sports are still widely enjoyed today. Sumo wrestling is one of the most exciting spectator sports for both visitors and locals. Six tournaments, each lasting 15 days, are held annually in Tokyo in January, May and September.
Over recent years Japan has also embraced a number of western sports, including golf, skiing & snowboarding, baseball and football. Baseball is Japans number one sport and the professional league games, which take place from April to October, are a highlight of the sporting calendar.
Lightweight cottons and linens are required throughout summer in most areas. Light to medium weights during spring and autumn, medium to heavyweights for winter months, according to region. Much warmer clothes will be needed in the mountains all year round. There is much less rainfall than in Western Europe.
Japanese style hotels now provide exciting new experiences. Guests receive kimonos and wooden clogs and rooms come equipped with Japanese bathtubs and paper sliding doors.
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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

U-Tour Thailand : Huai Nam Dang National Park / Chiang Mai

Huai Nam Dang National Park

U-Tour Thailand : Pong Dueat Hot Spring / Chiang Mai

Pong Dueat Hot Spring

Pong Dueat Hot Spring This is a geyser type hot spring which rises up 2 metres high. At Km. 42 of Route 1095, there is a six-kilometre road leading to the hot spring.

U-Tour Thailand : Tham Pla Pha Suea National Park /Chiang Rai

Tham Pla Pha Suea National Park

This comprises the following attractions:
Tham Pla - About 17 kilometres from town on Highway No. 1095 (Mae Hong Son-Pai), Tham Pla is a popular attraction of Mae Hong Son. The surrounding areas are brooks and cool hilly forests suitable for relaxation. A special feature is the hollow cave filled with numerous freshwater fish known as Pla Mung or Pla Khang, which is of the same family as the carp. The fish are quite safe from being caught as they are believed to belong to the gods.
Namtok Pha Suea - This waterfall is in Tambon Mokchampae about 26 kilometres from the provincial seat on Route 1095 to Pai district with a left turn at Km. 191. It is a large fall with its water source in Myanmar and runs full during the late rainy season (August-September).
Pang Tong Royal Pavilion - This is a hilltop pavilion at Ban Mokchampae, some 5 kilometres beyond Pha Suea Waterfall. It is open every day from 8.30 a.m.-4.30 p.m.

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