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Friday, July 4, 2008

20 Interesting Things About Europe

20 Interesting Things About Europe
By : Richard Monk

With the amazing history of Europe, picking 20 things out can be a controversial effort to say the least, but here we go anyway.

1. Europe is the second smallest continent with roughly 4 million square miles.
2. Europe is designated as a continent for political reasons. There is no geographic basis for the claim.
3. Europe is home to more than 700 million people, but birth rates are stagnant.
4. Most scholars believe Europe was named after Europa, a Phoenician Princess in Greek mythology.
5. The smallest country in Europe is the Vatican, which is considered a separate country from Italy even though it is in the middle of Rome.
6. The largest city in Europe is Paris with a population of just under 10 million people.
7. La Sapienza University in Rome is the largest university in Europe with a whopping 184,000 students.
8. Europe produces just over 18 percent of all the oil in the world.
9. The European Union has 25 country members.
10. 80 to 90 percent of Europe was once covered in forest, but this has been reduced to 3 percent in Western Europe.
11. Europe has one of the lowest fertility rates in the world.
12. Europe has been racked with war throughout its history to the point where more than 70 former countries have been conquered and no longer appear on maps.
13. The great Roman inventions so often cited by scholars actually were created by Etruscans, a small empire in the south of present day Italy.
14. The Dark Ages in Europe lasted from 476 to 1,000 A.D. or twice as long as the United States has been a country.
15. The Renaissance followed this period and lasted roughly 200 years.
16. The first country to join the industrial revolution in Europe was Great Britain.
17. The First World War lasted from 1914 to 1918 and resulted in four empires radically changing or dissolving completely: the German, Austro-Hungarian, Ottoman and the Russian.
18. Adolf Hitler was not German. He was Austrian, born in the small town of Braunau am Inn.
19. It is estimated that 62 million people died in World War II, 2.5 percent of the world??s population at that time.
20. The 10 most generous countries in the world when it comes to charitable giving are all located in Europe.

To be honest, the 20 items mentioned about Europe cited above are just scratching the surface. If you have a hankering for history, Europe is a fascinating subject to study.
Richard Monk is with FactsMonk.com - a site with facts about everything including Europe.

Article Source : http://www.flight-hotel-travel.com

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Flying to London for Business or Pleasure

Flying to London for Business or Pleasure

London has such an incredible amount to offer it’s no wonder that over 10 million people choose to live either in London or the surrounding areas, and it’s estimated that over 25 million people visit London each and every year for work and tourism. With so many flights landing in this vibrant city every day, it’s no surprise that there are a number of airports serving it.

Heathrow International Airport is the largest airport in the U.K. and is also Europe’s busiest for passenger traffic, carrying approximately 67 million passengers every year. The airport has two runways and five terminals, the newest being officially opened in March 2008 by Queen Elizabeth II. The vast area it covers it close to five square miles which gives you an idea of the sheer scale of this facility. The current site was first used as a military airfield during the First World War and has evolved throughout the decades since to become the incredibly large transport hub that we know today.

Gatwick is second to Heathrow in terms of both size and traffic. With flights to around 200 destinations, Gatwick handles around just over half the number of passengers per year that Heathrow does. Officially opened for use on 9th June 1958 - again by Queen Elizabeth II - Gatwick is celebrating 50 years of flights in 2008. Just like its larger counterpart, Gatwick Airport is used by many international airlines that fly to and from destinations all over the globe, so while it may not have the considerable stature of Heathrow, it still plays a vital and very important role in transporting people in and out of London.

As the only airport actually in London itself, London City Airport serves over thirty European destinations and has only been in commercial use since 1987. It’s a very popular airport with city workers and leisure travellers alike and has grown considerably since it was set up. In 2007 passenger numbers reached almost 3 million, a considerable rise from the 133,000 who used it during its first full year of operation in 1988. The location of the airport means that flight paths are very carefully mapped out and restrictions have had to be put in place for the heights of any new skyscrapers in the vicinity. With the 2012 Olympic Games scheduled to be held in London in 2012, the popularity of London City Airport is set to continue to rise in future years.

When you’re looking for flights to London you won’t be short of options with these three airports and whether the purpose of your trip is business or sightseeing, you’ll benefit from a range of transport options to take you into the heart of the action. Disclaimer: The information contained within this article is the opinion of the author and is intended purely for information and interest purposes only. It should not be used to make any decisions or take any actions. Any links are included for information purposes only.
Article Source : http://www.amazines.com/

Experience the Best Vacation with hotels in Rhodes and the Best hotels in Rhodes Greece

Experience the Best Vacation with hotels in Rhodes and the Best hotels in Rhodes Greece
By : Vikram kuamr

Rhodes on the Aegean?€?s eastern edge is the largest of the twelve Dodecanese islands. Rhodes City which is nestled north of Rhodes Island is a well-preserved medieval city. The contour of the northern and eastern coastlines is dotted with high-rise hotels and other hotels in Rhodes. Whatever your reasons for vacationing in this tourist destination, whether it could be visiting the beaches, bars or historical sites, Rhodes has plenty to offer.

In the hilly interior of the 50-mile long island sits ancient Greece. Your vacation will be filled with excitement to quench the adventurous spirit. You?€?ll be taken through Greece?€?s historical sites. Lodging is not a problem. There are hotels with good deals. Hotels in Rhodes are of the lowest price and the best price is guaranteed. At Rhodes, you can save a lot of money with their vacation packages. Instead of spending more on your hotels, you can use the savings to buy more souvenirs from the island.

Hotels in Rhodes Greece according to Rhodes have low rates and good terms. You can have a longer vacation with the good deal. The hotels would never deprive you of the opportunity to see the fantastic landscape of the Island. There is a selection of great hotels and apartments which can save you up to 75 percent on the islands. No booking fees and no hidden fees.Rhodes has organized hotels in Rhodes accordingly. Travelers to this spectacular island of pristine waters, verdant woods and abundant marine life will find it to their delight and glee that there are hotels just within their budget. The hotels in Rhodes Greece aside from money wise can give you the quiet, peaceful place you have always wanted. Some hotels and apartments are just the right start off place to explore the island.

Hotels according to Rhodes will include entertainment facilities and amenities to cheer up the night. The Hotel staffs are friendly. You will definitely remember the great, amusing, peaceful, and interesting vacation at Rhodes Island.

At Rhodes, you can practically find a wide selection of hotels in Rhodes. The choices range from sophisticated and intimate with fantastic services to luxurious, convenient, and comfortable like a home away from home. Choose something that should meet your needs and most importantly your budget. It is value for your dollar. Prices notwithstanding you will still the welcome of warm friendly people where everyone is considerate and courteous.

The Hotels in Rhodes Greece leave nothing to be desired. Vacationers will never forget first-class hotels such as rooms with spectacular view and very well kept. In Rhodes, the hotels are second to none. The beauty of the island might lure others to come and most of all the hotels in Rhodes can make the stay even more memorable. Often it is how people are welcomed that gives the best impression.

Some will look forward to their second, third, or fourth comeback whatever the case maybe. Always what sticks to their minds are the wonderful hotels and the efficiency of the service provided by the Hotels in Rhodes, the views and panoramic vistas, and the clear blue sea can be captured on camera
Article Source : http://www.goarticles.com

Best Travel Destinations

Best Travel Destinations
By : Dani Alonso

In just a few years the traditional top destinations for tourists all over the World with names such as Spain, Italy, France, the UK, the USA and many others has begun going down. People seems to get pretty tired of exploring the same so much called places and are looking for something more exotic. Which are the new trends in the tourism industry and why they can cause damage to this new touristic countries?

The idea is not to say that tourism in typical European cities or in the US and Canada is decreasing, because of course it isn't really. But if we take a comparative study of the evolution of tourism during the recent years we may see that the touristic growth of these typical places compared to the one related with more exotic ones is pretty low. Everything indicates that the best travel destinations are about to change soon.

If we take a broader look at the world, we can discover that a recent trend for countries that are on the way to develop have found that tourism is a great way to create some income to finance their projects. Sure, the strategy is not wrong in the first approach. If we don't have the money, we bring it from the outside. This should work and in fact it does work, but not everything is written in pink. There's also black there, and very black. They've become the best travel destinations but they'll have a high price to pay because of that.

What is happening is that in the hurry to develop great touristic attractive locations and funding publicity campaigns the money is not going where it should be. In the end, and going a bit to the extreme situation, the result is that conditions on the living standards of people in the country keep being the same while tourists are enjoying an amazing lifestyle, even with low prices compared to their home countries. And this is what is happening with some of the best touristic destinations such as Brazil, India, China, Turkey, Venezuela or Thailand, together with an increase of tourism in countries in Eastern Europe.

And from my point of view what is happening is simply because governments are failing in the approach they give to tourism. In my opinion, tourism does not need to mean luxury hotels and big resorts with expensive personnel or great museums and exhibitions. Many of these countries have the beauty in the sights, in the history you can feel in the streets of their towns and cities, in nature. Taking the example of some African countries, I consider absolutely wrong to build up 5 star hotels in the middle of the jungle. They simply don't fit. Instead, they should try to take a more cultural approach and build buildings that do fit with the local style, that have some meaning related to the region, taking advantage of the exotic taste tourists could get.

Tourism should be cultural immersion and in the way it is being done nowadays it fails completely with it's original purpose. In other words, if you want a luxury hotel, keep visiting Paris, but please don't go down to Kenya. Unfortunately, if you go down to Kenya you will find the same luxury hotel. Furthermore, it seems that nowadays in order to be one of the best travel destinations you need to have a 5 star hotel standing there. Which is the idea of great vacations that people have?

On the other hand, I don't want to seem a person who is against high quality hotels. Don't take me wrong. I simply think that everything should be in place and respecting the area and culture where it is placed. A 5 star hotel fits perfectly in the cozy area of central Paris, and this is not something I will discuss. It simply fits, and I personally would take it if traveling there, using any of the free travel certificates that are available on the net in certain places. Which ones, you say? You can find them at Free Hotels.

Trying to plan a trip and don't know where to start from? You can get help at Travel to Europe.
Article Source : http://www.buzzle.com/

7 Reasons to Take Travel Insurance

7 Reasons to Take Travel Insurance
By: Evan Moss

If you are traveling abroad this year, it is worth spending some time looking at getting some travel insurance. The provision of cover in the case of disease or accident is extremely important in certain countries, and could save you on a fortune. As well as medical cover, travel insurance provides cover for numerous other events.

And travelling without the correct insurance this summer could leave you thousands of pounds out of pocket if you become ill or have an accident overseas.

Recent figures from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office estimate that half of people going on a short break are uninsured compared to 13% of those on longer duration trips. However, accidents can happen in the shortest space of time, and it is much better to be safe than sorry.If you forget to take out travel insurance for your holiday you could be in line for some expensive bills if you were to fall prey to an accident.

The following shows some examples of typical medical costs:
Anywhere in the Med should you pick up Gastro-enteritis, you will be liable for: ?400 - ?600

• Two days in a general hospital ward in the Mediterranean would incur costs of: ?600
• Broken leg in the USA, in total including all hospital bills and other expenses will cost: ?10,000
• A scheduled flight in business class with a nurse escort from the west coast of the USA will set you back in the region of: ?9,000 - ?12,000
• An air ambulance back to the UK from the Balearics will cost you between: ?10,000 - ?12,000
• Costs for catching bronchitis requiring seven days' in-patient treatment in the Far East will be around ?15,000
• Catching bronchitis and requiring seven days' in-patient treatment in the USA, will cost even more, at: ?20,000

Even if travelling within the EU with a European Health Insurance card [which replaced the old E111 form] you may find that you have to pay a large percentage of the cost of treatments which you may have expected to be free. Remember also that the EHIC only provides this limited cover in EU countries, and not ht whole of Europe. The European Health Insurance Card is no substitute for travel insurance, but it is useful to have.

So no matter what length your holiday this summer, remember to take out travel insurance. It's far better to have it there just in case than take a potentially expensive gamble.
Article Source: http://www.superfeature.com

The Ideal Destination For An Unforgettable Holiday

The Ideal Destination For An Unforgettable Holiday

We all want to get the best out of our summer holiday each year, and while many of us stick to the same destination, this can mean we miss out on an awful lot of benefits on offer elsewhere.

Portugal is a good example of this. Spain often hits the headlines as a great destination with plenty to offer for everyone, but Portugal is very close by and offers a unique blend of delights that will please any holidaymaker, regardless of what kind of holiday you are after.

If you are after the typical beach holiday then look no further than the Algarve to provide miles of golden beaches ready and waiting for you to while away the day relaxing on. The sea is generally very calm as well, which means it is a great location for visiting if you have children in tow. You will also find a wonderful variety of beaches to try out - some more secluded than others - if you would prefer a peaceful holiday relaxing in the sun.

But there is more than just beaches to explore in Portugal. In addition to beach life, the Algarve has some of the best golf courses in the country, with three dozen along the coast; amongst them the Arnold-Palmer designed 7,200 yard Victoria course, which hosted the 2006 World Cup of Golf.

The Azores, the Portuguese archipelago situated about 950 miles from Lisbon regularly attracts visitors looking to hike, go scuba-diving and even whale-watching. Essentially extinct volcanoes, they offer the highest peaks in Portugal, rising to 7,713 feet, and clear blue water, making them a versatile location for any holiday in Portugal.

If you prefer to see a slice of what city life is like, you can take a tour of Lisbon – either during the day or at night time – and browse round the shops, or try out some of the outstanding restaurants and stroll over the Vasco de Gama Bridge.

You can also enjoy a revitalising holiday by visiting one of the many spas that Portugal is home to. Staying at a spa offers you a wonderful alternative to staying in a regular hotel or complex, since you can still enjoy the local beaches and the various other activities and sights in the area you are staying in. But you can also relax and be pampered to help you unwind throughout the duration of your holiday, thanks to a wide range of treatments on offer, such as meditation, steam rooms, massages and much more besides.

The key to enjoying the perfect Portuguese holiday is to think about the type of holiday you really want. While most people head for the beaches of the Algarve there are plenty of other destinations worth considering for a day trip, and if you decide where you are most likely to visit in advance you can book a holiday that is close by to all the places you want to visit.
In fact you are well advised to make the effort to stray away from the beaches to take a look inland as well, since there are plenty of surprises to discover here. Your best bet before you book your holiday is to take a look at a Portugal travel guide to get an idea of the most popular destinations in the country as a whole.

With proper planning you can enjoy one of the best holidays you have ever been on.
Disclaimer: Andrew Regan writes on behalf of a digital marketing agency. He hopes you enjoyed his article, but urges you to seek further understanding of its topics before making any decisions based on its content.
Article Source : http://www.amazines.com/

Travel Hotel: For worthy vacations

Travel Hotel: For worthy vacations
By: Harry

If you are tired of overflowing inbox, unwanted calls and work pressure then it is the time to take a break. A break from your dull, mundane or routine schedule. Travel hotels play an important role in enjoying the vacations to some exotic place such as in the lap of nature. Believe it or not, location of travel hotel will be a perfect stress reliever with other things. So, while going for holidays, get the best hotel booked for you.
While selecting a travel hotel, mind it that every hotel is not geared for holiday travelers. As a matter of fact, some are simply meant for business travelers and others focus on leisure features. The destination place geared for travelers must be joyful. As a matter of fact, these travel hotels are designed to a certain theme to give their hotel guests a welcoming feeling. The travel hotels can be classified as mainstream, boutique and luxury.
The holidays are unique and unmatched experience which are filled with wonderful memories. The selection of the hotel plays an essential role. Therefore, it can be said that travel hotels can also be categorized on the basis of distinguishing features or service provided. Resort hotels for instance, offer luxurious surroundings with a variety of recreational facilities such as swimming pools, golf courses, tennis courts, game rooms, and health spas. One can also look out for the planned social activities and entertainment in these hotels. Travel hotels are typically located in vacation destinations or near natural settings such as mountains, seashores, theme parks or other attractions. Moreover, some of the best travel hotels and motels provide additional convention and conference facilities to encourage customers to combine business with pleasure.
Casino hotels for instance, combine both lodging and legalized gaming on the same premises. Along with the typical services provided by most full-service hotels, these hotels also contain casinos where customer can wager at table games, play slot machines and make other bets.
Article Source : http://www.goarticles.com/

Last minute travel deals: Enjoy the extra benefits

Last minute travel deals: Enjoy the extra benefits
By : Cristina

The last minute travel deals are very lucrative and a person can save huge amount of money as these deals are offered to the people at very cheap rates. They are basically offered by the airlines and the travel agencies at the last minute to the hasty travelers to fill the empty seats and hotel/motel rooms.

The last minute travel deals can be very cost effective to the people who frequently travel to other places for work or holiday purposes etc. They are basically offered by almost all the airlines for various popular tourist destinations like Europe, Caribbean and other such most preferred cities all around the world. Actually the airlines that offer such deals enter into partnerships with those travel agencies and operating carriers who adopt various techniques to promote the tourist destinations for business and profit motives. There are many countries and cities whose economy depends mainly on the business of tourist only. As such, the government tourist offices and various major tour operators come up with attractive and lucrative tourist deals to offer ultimate satisfaction to the people.

Now the main question of concern is where can a person find such last minute travel deals. Nowadays, the best and the most easiest way to get such lucrative deals is through the online shops. Another authentic and reliable way to get the information regarding such deals can be the local and the national newspapers as most of the travel agencies use these resources to promote their innovative promotional schemes and deals offered at very low rates.

People can also enjoy saving huge chunks of money by availing such deals as most of the times they come with a complete package of both the hotels and air tickets. Moreover, they are often offered to the people at heavy discount rates by the airlines and the hotels to accommodate the vacant seats and rooms. These offers are easily available in various occasions and seasons and a person can save as much as $500 to $1000 . People can also contact the airlines to know more about such deals and get all the facilities at discounted rates.

The travel deals for almost all the seasons may vary. There are so called high and low seasons when such deals are offered to the people to fill their trip with all the necessary facilities they deserve to to have. You can save huge chunks of money if you grab such deals at the right time.

First plan and then get into action. Actually great planners can grab the right opportunity when it comes to them as they are always prepared for that. However, most of the people plan their holiday trip at the eleventh hour when all the doors of profit seem to get closed. But, as this is the natural tendency of the almost 80% of the people the deals and offers are also crafted keeping this thing in mind. When a person finally decides to go for a trip, the quest for the best and the cost effective deals the starts right away. To ensure excellent comfort and pleasure to the people the booking reservations have undergone various changes.

The last minute travel deals are steadily becoming popular among the masses due to various reasons. As a matter of fact they are preferred most by the travellers and the hasty planners. Actually the main reason for this awesome metamorphosis is the attractive deals which can be availed by the people at very reasonable rates. Moreover, the World Wide Web with its several search engine has proved to be a great help to the people who can avail any deals and gifts from the comfort of their cozy living room. These online stores facilitate the netizens to avail various when they are in dire need at the last time.

You can surf these sites to find the awesome travel deals and the most cost effective hotels and cruise etc. One can comfortably save thousands of dollars as the travel agencies and the airlines search for the Last Minute Travel deals to accommodate their cancelled or empty rooms and seats. It is always a good option to earn something then nothing as such those cancelled seats and rooms are offered to the hasty travellers at discounted prices.
Article Source : http://www.goarticles.com/

How to Make the Most Out of Your Next Camping Trip

How to Make the Most Out of Your Next Camping Trip
By: Alan Richardson
Are you interested in going camping? If you are like many other campers, you may be looking to go camping for a more than a day. If you are interested in doing so, you are doing more than just going camping; you are actually taking a camping trip. Unfortunately, extended camping trips give many opportunities for boredom, but there are many steps that you can take to make the most out of your camping trip.

When it comes to making the most out of your next camping trip, you are advised to examine what your intended goals are. For instance, are you looking to have your camping trip double as a family vacation or are you interested in using your camping trip as a romantic getaway? This is an important question that you should take the time to answer, as it may have an impact on how you can go about making the most out of your next vacation.

Whether you are interested in using your camping trip as a romantic getaway or a family vacation, one of the many ways that you can make the most out of your camping trip is by taking part in all of the activities that you are granted access to. In many campground parks, you will find that you can do much more than camping. For instance, many campground parks have lakes, which you can go boating, fishing, or swimming, on or in. It is also common to find hiking trails that you can hike and so forth. When you pay an admission fee at a campground park, you are, essentially, paying to participate in all these activities; therefore, you should take advantage of them.

In addition to gaining access to many standard,campground park activities, you may also want to think about creating your own. For instance, if you are taking a camping trip with your family, you may want to think about brining along some board games or outdoor sporting equipment. This may help to make your next camping trip enjoyable for everyone; especially if you let your children help you plan your camping trip, such as the activities that you will all participate in.

Another one of the many ways that you can go about making the most out of your next camping trip is by preparing for the unexpected. When we go camping, we all hope that there will be clear, sunny skies. Unfortunately, we all know that the weather often has its own plans. If you have campground park reservations in place, there is a good chance that you do not want to cancel those reservations just because of bad or rainy weather. If this is a situation that you end up running into, you may want to consider brining along additional supplies. These supplies may include board games, transportable entertainment items, and so forth.

In addition to camping and enjoying many outdoor activities, camping is also often associated with eating outdoors, namely at barbeques. Many campground parks have picnic tables and barbeque pits at each of their campsites. Should you have access to these neat camping accessories, you will want to make full use out of them. Yes, driving a few minutes away to eat fast food or at a fancy restaurant may sound appealing, but why would you want to or need to do so when you should have everything that you could want or need, food wise, right at your own private campsite?

As outlined above, there are a number of different ways that you can go about making the most out of your next camping trip. Perhaps, the most important thing to remember is that your campground park should be filled with an unlimited number of outdoor and possibly even indoor activities. Since your admission fee includes these activities, you should make sure that you get great use out of them. Not only will you get your money's worth, but you and the rest of your camping party should have a fun, exciting, and
Article Source: http://www.1articleworld.com/

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